Sunday, October 08, 2006


Yesterday I went to the Pumpkin Fest with some of my grandchildren. It happens every year on the first Saturday in October. The main street through town (which is a highway) is blocks off for several blocks and the streets are lined with booths. Some selling crafty items, some food and some games for children to play. In the middle of the street there are flatbeds filled with flowers, squash, pumpkins and gourds. There's also pony rides, an air filled slide thingy and horse pulled hay wagon rides. Some years it's been so cold I had to buy something to put over my ears. Yesterday it was 73 degrees. Very nice.

Speaking of Fall,here are a couple of photos. First one is one of the maple trees in my yard and the other is a view from across the road. The colorful trees are pretty far away though.

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