Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Swap & Snow

Big, big clumpy, wet snow. Wouldn't you know on the weekend I planned to take Molly to Green Bay. Also, went into town and found gas up .17 since I bought it last. There was a wonderful treat for me though. In my mailbox was a package from British Columbia. Loretta had my name in the Halloween doll outfit swap and it arrived. Had to let the other mail go and stop and dress my doll. Loretta is very talented as you can see in the photo. The hat is off and turned backward so you can see what she did. Alas, you can't see the darling cat button where the ribbon crosses. At her feet is a package of glitter leaves, a roll of cute Halloween ribbon, a chocolate jack-o-lantern sucker, a very nice card and in her hand a trick-or-treat bag. I'm sure Loretta made the card and it's very special.

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Loretta said...

Hi Marti; you have a blog too! I will follow you. LOL
Did you eat that candy yet? I'm glad you enjoyed the outfit.